Practice Charter

Our staff responsibilities

  • To treat you with respect and courtesy at all times
  • To treat you as an individual and to discuss with you the care and treatment we can provide
  • Any advice on treatment will be based on clinical need. We will always be willing to explain our findings and the advice we give including choices of treatment
  • To give you full information on the services which we offer
  • To give you the most appropriate care by suitably qualified staff
  • To provide you with emergency care when you need it
  • To refer you to a consultant acceptable to you when required
  • To give you access to your health records, subject to any limitations by law
  • We will maintain strict confidentiality over your details and will not divulge information, even to a family member, without your consent.

Your responsibilities as a patient

  • To treat the staff at the surgery with respect and courtesy at all times
  • Accept that verbal or physical abuse will NOT be tolerated.
  • To tell us if you are not sure about the treatments we are providing
  • To request a visit at home only when illness or infirmity prevents a consultation at the surgery
  • To ask for a home visit before 10.00 am if at all possible
  • To use the out of hours services appropriately
  • To keep your appointments and cancel them when you are not able to attend
  • To be punctual for your appointments
  • To take any medication in accordance with the instructions and to ask for a repeat prescription only when you need one
  • Finally, we would like your assistance
  • Let us know if you change your address or your telephone number.
  • If you are under the care of a hospital, please let them know your new address.
  • If you are the carer of someone as we might be able to help you get advice or assistance.

Thank you for your co-operation.